Bodybuilding Measurements for Tracking Your Muscle Gain Progress

bodybuilding measurements

You must take certain bodybuilding measurements in order to determine whether your current muscle building diet is sufficient for building new muscle mass. By taking certain bodily measurements, you will be able to effectively manipulate your diet to ensure that you are gaining lean muscle mass and not risking getting fat in the process.

If you have followed my recommended starting point for muscle building nutrition on my body building diet page for 2 weeks, you should be able to measure an increase in your body weight or biceps measurement (indicating a gain in muscle mass) if this nutrition level is sufficient for building new muscle mass.

If your body weight or biceps measurement has not increased after 2 weeks, you will need to increase the nutrition level by 15% and follow the plan containing these new values until you again do not measure an increase in your body weight or biceps measurements after 2 weeks of following this revised muscle building diet plan, at which point, you would again increase all values by 15%. You will continue this process as long as you wish to continue building lean muscle mass.

To increase the starting nutrition amounts by 15%, you will simply multiply all values by 1.15 as follows:

Starting Nutrition Level

bodybuilding measurements nutrition level

Increased Nutrition Level = Starting Nutrition Level X 1.15

bodybuilding measurements nutrition level
bodybuilding measurements after nutrition level

If you have not visited my body building diet page you will likely not understand how to adhere to these values or why they are the most effective way to build lean muscle mass. After reading to the end of this page you will want to visit my body building diet page if you have not done so already.

Everybody has a different metabolism and not everyone will gain muscle mass at the same daily caloric intake. It is for this reason that you must take your body weight and biceps measurement every 2 weeks to determine if your muscle building diet plan needs to be modified.

As you build new muscle mass, your body will eventually require more nutrients to continue adding new muscle mass. So don’t think that once you are gaining muscle you can stop taking your bodybuilding measurements. You must continually monitor your measurements every 2 weeks to ensure that you are providing your body with the nutrition it needs for muscle growth.

It is also important to keep in mind that a muscle building diet plan is only one part of an effective body building program. In order to maximize your results and greatly increase your ability to build lean muscle mass, you will need to follow a muscle building workout program which utilizes the most effective muscle confusion techniques and follow the right cardio plan as well.

Final Note

It is important that you only increase your nutrition level by 15% at a time if your bodybuilding measurements do not grow. If you increase your nutrition by more than that, you will risk eating excessive calories above what your body needs for muscle building and will only put on extra fat. This WILL NOT lead to faster muscle gains only fat gains!

If your weight increases by a half pound, and your biceps measurement does not increase, you are giving your body enough nutrition for muscle building. In the same way, if your biceps measurement increases by even 1/8″ over 2 weeks, your nutrition level is sufficient for adding muscle mass.

If you do not want to add significant amounts of fat, you must use patience with using your bodybuilding measurements to adjust your nutrition plan. While, adding 1/8″ on your biceps over a 2 week period seems rather small, this will add over 3″ to your biceps over the course of one year which is a vast improvement.

By exercising a commitment to my nutrition, along with patience, I was able to gain over 10lbs of lean muscle mass while dropping my body fat by more than 13%.

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