Essential Amino Acids For Building New Muscle

The 8 essential amino acids are what sets proteins that can be used for muscle building apart from those that cannot.

essential amino acids

All proteins are composed of various combinations of amino acids. These amino acids determine how the protein you eat can be used, or not used, by your body.

Muscle building protein is a term I use to describe protein sources that can be used by your body to build new muscle. Most of the proteins found in our foods do not contain all of the necessary components for muscle building and should not be counted when determining how much protein your are consuming for a given meal.

amino acids meal

For instance, it doesn’t matter how much protein you consume from beans, rice, bread, or pasta because your body cannot use the protein in these foods to build new muscle.


Amino Acids

When you consume muscle building protein it is broken down into its various amino acids which are then used to form new proteins to be used by your body to build new muscle.

There are a total of 22 different amino acids that each serve a different function and all 22 are required to build new muscle.

14 of these amino acids are produced by the human body and do not need to be provided in the form of food. Because your body supplies these on its own, they are called non-essential amino acids.

However, the other 8 must be provided to your body by consuming proteins, which is why they are called essential.

It is for this reason that the only protein sources that will enable you to build new muscle are those that naturally contain all 8 essential amino acids.

Final Note

Anybody serious about bodybuilding and adding new muscle mass should make sure that they focus on consuming proteins that contain all 8 amino acids as all other protein sources will be ineffective at building new muscle.

You can click on the muscle building protein link below for a list of protein sources that can be used by your body for muscle building.

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