How To Build Muscle

how to build muscle

How To Build Muscle Through Weight Training and Nutrition

It is not necessary for you to understand the microscopic molecular details on how to build muscle, but it will be helpful for you to have a basic understanding of how the human body responds to the stresses of weight training and how the stresses of weight training cause muscles to grow.

The muscles of the body need to be placed under sustained stress in order to be stimulated to grow. After being stressed, the muscles are strained and broken down and then start the process of recovery which takes place during times of relative inactivity and sleep.

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The muscles of the body “remember” the stress placed on them and respond by growing larger so that if the same stress is placed on them in the future, it will not be as hard on them and they will be better able to handle the load.

As the muscles that were broken down during your weight training session go through the process of recovery, they will actually grow larger as your body uses the nutrients in your blood to repair your strained muscles and add new muscle tissue.

This is essentially how weight training serves to build additional muscle mass. However, there is one thing missing.

Now that you understand the process of building muscle through weight training , you are ready to learn about the second variable in the equation of successfully transforming your body…diet & nutrition.

The human body requires certain amounts of the right nutrients in order to use them to build new muscle. Without supplying your body with the nutrition needed to build new muscle, your gains in muscle mass will be minuscule, regardless of how effective your weight training sessions may be at stressing and exhausting your muscles.

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