Increase Metabolism

Increase Metabolism – Quickly Burn Off Unwanted Body Fat

increase metabolism

I often hear the question, “What can I do to increase metabolism to help me burn fat?”

Your metabolism (or metabolic rate) is your body’s natural ability to burn calories without any outside stress being introduced.

While a naturally slow metabolism can be a nightmare for someone wanting to lose body fat, there are exercise and nutrition techniques that can be used that will considerably increase your personal metabolic rate and help you to quickly burn off unwanted body fat or simply maintain your desired body fat level.

While there are several factors that help determine your personal metabolic rate, some of them are genetically determined and outside of your personal control.

Nevertheless, by being intentional in following a few exercise and nutritional guidelines, you can significantly increase your body’s metabolism and improve your ability to shed undesirable body fat.

Eating to Increase Your Metabolism

A great way to increase your metabolism is to regularly supply your body with the nutrition it needs to carry out its many functions. By making a conscious effort to feed your body regularly, you will be able to speed up your metabolism and more efficiently burn away body fat.

I provide detailed information about eating to increase metabolism, including how to more effectively lose body fat and instructions on how often to eat for the best results. To learn more about eating to increase metabolism, see my page on metabolism and eating.

Exercise and Metabolism

This will probably come as little or no surprise, but another key component in increasing your metabolic rate is exercise. Excercise is any activity that forces you to exert excessive energy that ultimately results in a sustained increase in your heart rate.

Following a consistent fitness program is a great way to increase metabolism. To learn more about how exercising can effectively boost your metabolism, see my exercise and metabolism page.

Muscle and Metabolism

Your body’s natural calorie burning will increase immediately following an exercise session. While this increase in calorie burning (or metabolic rate) will help you to lose body fat, this effect is only temporary.

That being said, exercise that builds new muscle mass will have a lasting and dramatic affect on your metabolism. You need to understand how adding muscle mass to your body will effectively increase your metabolism.

Learn more about muscle and metabolism.

Bodily Hydration and Metabolic Rate

The Health Education Alliance for Life and Longevity conducted research on the amount of water consumed daily by the average American. Their research concluded that only about 1/3 of all Americans drink the recommended daily amount of water and 10% of Americans do not drink water at all!

Water plays a key role in almost every bodily function and we should make every effort to make sure we are providing our bodies with the hydration required for optimum performance.

Properly hydrating your body will also help to increase metabolism. To learn some more benefits of hydrating your body and how drinking water can effectively speed up your metabolism, check out my page dedicated to the benefits of drinking water.


In order to more efficiently burn off unwanted body fat, or to just make sure you do not put on any additional fat, it is imperative that you understand the many ways you can speed up your metabolism.

Following the guidelines introduced on this page, and expanded upon within the various links, will give you the tools you need for increasing your metabolic rate. Using this information, along with the right fat loss nutrition plan, will give your body everything it needs to burn fat and help you to reach your body building and fat loss goals faster than you ever thought possible.

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