Muscle And Metabolism – Boosting Your Metabolism By Adding Muscle Mass

The association between muscle and metabolism is one that cannot be ignored by anyone looking to lower their body fat and transform their body.

If your exercise program consists of muscle building through weight training, you can increase your metabolic rate through the addition of muscle mass.

The amount of muscle mass contained on your body plays a significant role in determining your personal metabolic rate because muscle tissue requires more energy (calories) to sustain than any other tissue in the human body.

When you add muscle mass, your body will have to supply the new muscle tissue with the nutrients and energy they need for stretching, contracting and recovery. This additional energy supplied to your muscle tissues results in additional calories being burned – even while you are not exercising.

It has been estimated that each pound of additional muscle tissue requires up to 10 calories per day to sustain. This means that adding 10 pounds of muscle mass will result in your body naturally burning up to an additional 36,000 calories over the course of 1 year. That is over a half of one month worth of consumed calories based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.

The calorie burning benefits of adding muscle mass isn’t limited to times of rest either. You will also burn a greater number of calories during your workouts because you will be using more muscle fibers to perform the various resistive movements.

The combination of calories burned at rest, and additional calories burned during your workouts, will drastically improve your metabolism and increase your ability to lose fat. As such, muscle building through weight training is necessary for anyone looking to quickly lose body fat and transform their body.

Hopefully you can see how muscle and metabolism go hand in hand and now understand the impact additional muscle mass can have on your ability to burn fat.

If you would like to quickly build lean muscle mass, you will need to know the most effective bodybuilding exercises, follow a consistent bodybuilding workout schedule, implement the right muscle confusion techniques, and follow a muscle building diet plan.

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